Tea package including handcrafted Dutch Harvest mug

Original price was: €45,00.Current price is: €40,00.

We were approached by the lovely ceramic artist Samantha Sutton, of Mango in a Pot. She proposed to create a special edition handmade mug collection for us. And here they are! And believe it or not: they even survive the dishwasher.

PLEASE NOTE: Every mug is unique. The mug you receive may be slightly different from the one in this picture.

The mugs have been hand-crafted in her Amsterdam-based studio from an earthy clay blend on the pottery wheel. She has hand-glazed each mug with our custom logo design. The mugs reach a final firing temperature of 1,200 degrees Celsius (which is why a run through the hot dishwasher is a walk in the park for them)!

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